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A little history about started out many years ago as an online SEO tool that allowed you to search the three major search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing, to check if your website was ranking on the first page of results for your various keywords or search phrases.

The tool was a basic PHP script and due to a high amount of usage, the website IP was quickly blocked by Google and the results for your websites positions in Google always showed as not being in the Top 100 which was incorrect for 99.9% of the time.

Over the years there have been a number of serp ranking and serp checking tools that have been released that can provide a much better result than our basic PHP ever could. We have now decided to remove our serp rank tool from the website, and instead, concentrate on providing you with much more useful and helpful information of how best to improve your serp rankings, as well as share with you details about many of the other serp checking tools and software that is available.

We currently use a number of these serp tracking tools and are preparing to share our thoughts and experiences with using them. We will shortly have a new “Rank Checkers” section added to this website where we will provide you with more information about them.

What are Serps ?

What is a SERP ??
SERP, short for “Search Engine Results Page”, is the listing of results on search engines in relation to a query using one or more keywords that a user has entered. The pages of results that you will see are the SERPs.

Why are SERPs important ??
Whether or not you think that SERPs are important is up to you. If you have a website however, and would like it do well, it is the positioning of your website in the SERPs that should be of prime concern to you. Simply put – if a user can’t find your site, how will they ever visit your site ?

How can I check my SERP Rank ??
There are a number of different serp ranking systems available to use for keeping track of your serp rankings. We will shortly be adding a new section to our website where we will give our thoughts and opinions about some of the main rank checking systems and software that are available at this moment.

How can I improve my SERP Ranking ??
Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is an extremely important factor of the success of any website. There are a large number of methods that a webmaster can increase the SERP Ranking of their websites, such as building backlinks, on-page SEO Techniques, Social Signals and many others.

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