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The world’s 1st drag and drop Shopify Store Builder

eCom Pages - Shopify Store BuilderUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you will have noticed that E-Commerce has been growing each year at a huge rate, and spending online has reached levels no one thought possible just a few years back.

There are many different ways that you can take the step and start earning via E-Commerce. Becoming an Amazon affiliate has been the way for millions of people around the world including myself. However, you can also find various other ways in which to start claiming your share of this huge multi billion industry.

This is where “eCom Pages” comes in. It is the first ever “drag and drop” Shopify store builder, and with it, you will be able to get your Shopify stores up and running in no time at all. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a website before or if you have no experience at all with E-Commerce.

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for E-Commerce and according to “Built With” * – there are over 250,000 sites that were built with the system.

It has helped business owners process billions of dollars worth of sales, and there are no signs that this is going to stop or slow down any time soon.

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Why should I use Shopify ?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider Shopify the best solution for your E-Commerce requirements. Below is a quick overview of why we believe Shopify to be the best E-Commerce solution on the market right now.

  • It is perfect if you are looking to start your own online store. Alternatively, you may actually have a physical retail store and want to branch out into online shopping.
  • It is ideal for all types of E-Commerce from fashion and accessories, to toys and games and even food and drinks.
  • It is a very flexible solution and gives you the ability to create the exact kind of online shop you want.
  • There are loads of beautiful and professionally designed templates that you can use for your store.

Shopify has been used to create thousands upon thousands of online stores and shops. It is a very respected and recognized solution for E-Commerce, and is certainly something that won’t suddenly disappear overnight.


Is Shopify Easy to Use ?

This is probably the first question everyone should ask when looking to start an online store with Shopify. There is no real answer to this, and everything is going to depend on your abilities and experience. Some people have been able to jump right in and get things up and running in no time at all. Others have had to put a lot more hours and work into getting their stores set up.

You’ll get the tools needed to be able to set up your stores, fix your categories and start adding your products into the system. Once you’ve gone through the process of setting up your first shop, then things will certainly be a little more easier when you begin to start your second one.


However, this is where eCom Pages comes in ! With it – you can have your Shopify store built in a very short time, no matter what technical experience you may have. Whether you are a seasoned pro with E-Commerce, or a complete newbie, eCom Pages is the perfect tool to get your shops set up quickly and hassle free. Some people find that manually setting up their stores can be just too much work and effort, and will either forget about it – or only complete 50% of whats needed to get an e-shop up and running properly, and when their shop fails to make any sales, it ends up on the scrap heap.

Using the completely simple and easy to use Drag and Drop system, eCom Pages will help you set up a fully functional and beautiful looking store. The templates used with the system are all proven to work well  and generate sales.

Pick up your copy of eCom Pages today !

eCom Pages is the brainchild of John Gibb and Mo Miah, and together they have put out this system which really is a unique Shopify store builder. There are a number of ways you can get your Shopify store created with one of the more popular being to pay someone to design one for you. The main reason people choose this solution is that it is probably the easiest method. However, the store that will be created for you is probably one that is similar to hundreds of others out there, and they are never going to be exactly what you want. With eCom Pages, you can create the exact type of store you want, with the functions you require, and the flexibility to allow it to grow along with your online business.

If you have been looking to get into the world of online stores and E-Commerce but have yet to take the step ( for whatever reason ) then there is now no excuse for not jumping in and claiming your piece of the pie. Online sales and commerce is a business that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, and there has never been a better or easier time to get started that now !! eCom Pages is going to help take your business and online ventures to a whole new level !

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