The Future of Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented: Having been made greater in size or value, to make better.

Augmented Reality: a live view of a physical location where elements are “made better” by computer-generated sensory additions that can include graphics, sound, video and more.

Augmented reality apps enhance the viewer’s perception of his or her surroundings.

Say What??

Just think Pokémon Go.

Thanks to the arrival of smartphones and tablets plus cheaper and cheaper data plans, content is more available than we could have ever imagined, even just ten years ago.

There is one aspect of portable data that until very recently remained the same. The content was confined to a specific location and static format, usually a screen with either text or video.

The ability to see what something COULD be was left almost exclusively to the ability of a block or text or video to ignite our imaginations.

Not anymore. Enter augmented reality apps.

Augmented Reality Apps – Not Just for Kids Games

While the introduction of the popular Pokémon Go app put augmented reality apps under a big spotlight, gaming apps aren’t the only outlet for this rapidly developing technology.

Both Apple and Google are both in the process of developing the software to allow a number of different augmented reality apps to use this fun and exciting new technology.

One example is IKEA’s Furniture placement augmented reality app development. Not sure how a specific piece of furniture will look in your space? Place actual size copies of IKEA furniture into your home through augmented reality app development. This gives a whole new definition to “try before you buy!”

Creatives and tech gurus alike see a future with augmented reality apps not just in gaming but marketing as well. Augmented reality app development will someday be utilized by most of the population.

The ability to test your furniture selection or go hunting in your neighborhood for lovable creatures to add to your collection is just the start of augmented reality apps.

According to an article from, augmented reality app development will be a hot trend in marketing and advertising. Some avenues that augmented reality apps new technology may be used includes:

• Three-Dimensional Thinking
• Primary Source of Storytelling
• Virtual Tours of Real Locations
• Extending Live Experiences
• Experiencing Products in E-Commerce Settings
• Creative Social Media Interaction
• Product Placement
• Localized Stimulation of Clientele

Augmented Reality App Development is Already Here

Type Augmented Reality Apps into the Play Store or App Store, and already there is a number of augmented reality app development that let you not only fight zombies in your living room but also test a tattoo design on different parts of your body or even transforms sketches into a 3D landscape.

AR app development is not going to be limited to the screen of your tablet or smartphone either. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and someday maybe ever direct cerebral interfaces will become the norm for augmented reality apps.

The Future of Augmented Reality App Development is Now

While there will continue to be rapid development in augmented reality apps and how they will be used, it’s clear that augmented reality apps and augmented reality app development can no longer be heralded as “Coming Soon.”