Terms and Conditions Generator

In addition to a privacy policy, it is also a good idea to have a “terms and conditions” page on your website to highlight some important points regarding the terms of use for your visitors.

Create your Terms and Conditions Page

We have created a “Terms and Conditions Generator” to help you quickly create this page for your website. Simple enter some basic information in the form below, and a set of terms and conditions will be created for you.

Once the information has been created, simply copy and paste it onto a page on your site. You can easily make any modifications you wish.

On the form you will find a field for your Privacy Policy URL. If you have not yet made a privacy policy for your website, then you should do this first. You can use our Privacy Policy Generator.

Once you have made your privacy policy and have created a page for it on your website, enter the full URL including http/https in the field below.

** You need to be registered as a member and logged in to see the Terms and Conditions Generator **

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