Amazon Associates Link Builder

If you are an Amazon Associate, then you’ll be aware of a range of different plugins for WordPress that can help you build up your affiliate websites. There are a few that I’ve been using for a while such as EasyAzon which I think is one of the best plugins for WordPress if you are an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon Associate Link Builder - WordPress PluginHowever, Amazon have now released their very own WordPress plugin – the “Amazon Associates Link Builder”. It is currently still in Beta phase, but it is available for you to download and use either directly from Amazon or from WordPress.

The plugin will give you the ability to search for products from Amazon and have real-time price and availability information. You will be able to quickly and easily create links in your posts and pages to products on Amazon, as well as creating customized ad unites, or use some of the pre-made widgets that have been designed by Amazon and which are included with the plugin.

Features of the Link Builder plugin include:

  • Amazon’s product catalogue search built directly into the WordPress editor
  • Product link posting via shortcode
  • Four, pre-built ad templates including multi-product options
  • Responsive ad sizes as well as fixed, custom sizes
  • Custom ad template options
  • Ad performance tracking

If you use WordPress for your Amazon affiliate websites, then you should take a look at this plugin and see how it compares with what you are currently using.

One very useful resource that I would recommend to everyone who is looking to start working, or who is already working, as an Amazon affiliate is to check out the ultimate guide to Amazon associates by the guys over at Authority Hacker. This is probably the best guide I’ve ever read on the subject and I guarantee that you will find it just an informative as I did.