Writing Engaging Content for your Business

A question many small businesses wonder about is how to create enough good content and meet their marketing goals. To answer this, first, consider what your business does well that can be turned into interesting blog posts or other pieces of compelling online material.

If you don’t have a lot of experience in writing for the internet, there are plenty of opportunities out there to learn from experts who would love nothing more than help someone new get started creating amazing content! You could also use a tool such as Jarvis, which can help you create great content quickly and effortlessly.

Creating Content for your Business

This is what we’ll do in this article, giving examples of simple and reusable concepts for growing your small businesses’ reach.

Demonstrations of your Products

You might think that product demonstrations are boring and low-quality, but it’s actually possible to create interesting content for your products. Not only can you show how a typical customer would use the product at home (e.g., making breakfast), but also explain what other ways people could utilize the item or its components!

You probably won’t believe me when I say this, but even a non-demonstrative video is an option if you want to convey information about a particular part of one of your items in more detail than text alone allows.

For example, a clothing boutique could produce a quick demonstration video that shows 10 different ways to wear their scarves. A kitchen supply company might make an advertisement for multiple uses of utensils or condiments in meals.

Content Curation

With social media marketing, many people think that the goal is to always create original content. However, finding relevant and useful information from others in your industry can be beneficial as well! You should share this with them in a creative way though; make sure you add some authority or novelty to it.

Take for example an article that you might be found in the local paper or an industry publication with a list of things. Instead, post the list and point out your favorite parts of it and what your thoughts are. One way to make this more interesting is by asking a question about something that wasn’t included in the list. For example, “What do you think should have been on the list?” – Get your audience engaged and they are more likely to share your content with others.

Start a Podcast

Podcasters everywhere have noticed a surge in podcasts and with good reason. Not only are they relatively easy and cheap to produce, which means that they feel less nerve-wracking than video, but by 2022, their revenue is predicted to reach over $1.30 billion!

Podcasting for Businesses

Podcasts provide a way for marketers to connect with their audience on an individual level. While people are commuting or doing chores, they can download your podcast and listen when it is convenient for them. This provides you with the opportunity to share insights that no one else in your industry has access to!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This is something that you may actually already have on your website. What you need to do is to make it more engaging and interesting to your audience.

If you are like most companies, your FAQs will have short answers with non-actionable content. In many cases, those questions would be better if they provided additional information and suggestions for actionable content for clients.

If you look through your FAQ, there are some questions where it would be useful to elaborate on the answer. Expanding upon a question can come in many different forms: an infographic, blog post, or short video – whatever suits best your customers’ needs! This content is what people crave and want from companies with authority; therefore this will only help strengthen their relationship with you as well as increase trust and engagement within others that see these updates online.

Testimonials and Stories from your Customers

Customers who are happy with your products or services can be powerful ambassadors, so you should consider featuring them in your content. Although reviews show how people feel about the product, testimonials have a more storytelling approach and allow customers to share their experiences with others like themselves.

It is easy and inexpensive to film customer testimonials because of the availability and affordability of video. This is great news for businesses as they can do them on Zoom!

Customer Testimonials

Crafting powerful customer testimonials can be a challenge. But if you map out an outline based on the key moments of your customer’s journey with your product, it will help to make more resonating and emotional connections that people are looking for in order to buy from you.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content may be perfect for some, but not all companies. While every business should have evergreen content on their website at least two years in the future to ensure its relevance remains strong, there are times when it is better to create more time-sensitive material that will help boost your rankings and bring customers into your site immediately.

The best type of content to engage your audience is seasonal content. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, people look for relevant material related to the time period at hand and you shouldn’t miss out on a chance like that!

So why not provide seasonal content? It may seem like hard work, but trust us when we say that you’ll reap benefits in return, and once done, it’s easy to keep up with all year round.

Your Brand and a Look Behind the Scenes

Being unique is the key to staying relevant and succeeding in any industry. The best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is by telling a great story, which content marketing offers an excellent means of doing so. No matter what industry you’re part of or niche that you occupy, every brand has its own fascinating tale for people to enjoy – when done right it can help build trust with customers while setting your business apart from others vying for their attention at all times too!

The best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through content marketing. Content Marketing provides a unique opportunity for you and your brand because no matter what industry or niche, brands have their own story that they can tell in an engaging manner.

It’s important to include the specific ways in which you are different from your competitors, whether it’s having a proprietary manufacturing process or offering personalized attention. It will help more people see that you provide solutions for their unique needs and get them interested as soon as possible!

Another interesting aspect that you can explore if it fits with your business is to take a look behind the scenes and share what goes into making your products.  People want to know how the products they use are made. Take a look at some of the popular TV shows like “How It’s Made” for proof of that!

Branding your Business

What makes your process unique? Do you have any handy shortcuts that you’ve created yourself to make things easier for clients or employees? You can break these stories down into a slideshow, video, photo array and share them on social media.

Introducing your staff is a great idea, and you could even do behind-the-scenes videos showing where every employee sits in the office or any other interesting tidbits about how things operate around here that our customers might appreciate knowing more about.

Fresh and Updated Content

It is easy to assume older content you have created isn’t helpful anymore. Instead, take a good look at your old blog posts and see if there are any that can be updated or improved upon for a new audience.

If you have old information that could help clarify or expand your existing content, try to add it and repost. You can even mix in new footage with the older video clips. If you don’t mind taking a long blog post for example, then break it down into several short videos each part of an overall series.

Don’t let your content creation efforts go to waste by creating boring, irrelevant material. You don’t need a huge budget or resources to create the kind of content people will love — and want their friends and colleagues to see as well! Content marketing is not about how much money you have, but rather what value and entertainment your audience gets from it.