Jarvis AI Rebrands as Jasper

It has just been announced that Jarvis AI will be rebranded as Jasper. The reason being that over the past 12 months, the popularity of Jarvis exploded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and the lawyers over at Marvel decided it was time to take action, due to the name J.A.R.V.I.S being that of Tony Stark’s AI assistant in the Iron Man movie.

RIP Jarvis

The team at Jarvis/Jasper took the decision that it would be better to spend their time and money on improving their unique AI writing assistant, rather than try and fight Marvel.

If you still haven’t actually tried out Jarvis/Jasper, then you really need to get onboard. It’s a tool that is going to change the way you write and produce content. Simply click here and get signed up for a free trial.

There are a number of plans for 2022 with bringing Jasper with you everywhere via a Chrome extension, the integration of Jasper with your tools and workflows with the Jasper API, an improved team collaboration features, superior AI output quality and much more.

For me personally, this will the third name change of this awesome product. I jumped in at the start of last year when it was known as Conversion AI, and then later to Jarvis. To be honest, the product is so awesome that the team can change the name every 6 months if they wish.

As long as they continue to make the amazing improvements that they have done over the past 12 months, and continue to offer amazing support as well as their wonderful Facebook group, then I am still going to be a very happy client.

You can read the full official press release about Jasper on the official blog.