The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2017

With 2017’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, I thought it was time to start preparing a list of all the great offers that I could find which include SEO, Internet Marketing, Web hosting, domain names, software and much more.

As always, if and of you know of any other Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals that you’d like to share, please get in contact and I’ll add them to this page.




Most of you will know that I love AppSumo, and I am always picking up their great deals throughout the year. This year for Black Friday, they are running a very limited special, where you can pick up some of the great software that was offered earlier in the year. These include ….

Grum – A great little tool that allows you to schedule posts to Instagram. All you do is prepare your post, set the time/date you want it to be posted, and that’s it. No worrying about verifying your post prior to post – once you’ve scheduled it – that’s it. I’ve been using this tool on a daily basis for a good 6 months now, and have not had a single issue with it.

DesignBold – This is an online tool that can help you start creating flyers, presentations and lots of other great stuff. With thousands of templates included, you can very easily and quickly start designing lots of graphic work that you can use for whatever you can image.

Brain.FM – This is one of the most popular deals on AppSumo, and is always snapped up by people. Using unique AI music engineering, you can get your sleep working more productively, as well as having a lot better quality of sleep each night. Having been using this for a while, I can easily say that this is a deal you won’t want to miss.

Invanto – This excellent business platform can help you create beautiful looking and fully functional membership sites and online courses. There are already a number of apps with Invanto such as Member Factory, Coach Rack and Reward Burst. If you are looking for a platform to offer your own courses, then this is something you should take a serious look at.

KingSumo – Everyone should know the importance of having a good mailing list. With KingSumo you can start to build up your lists with their easy to use and innovative interface that can get your campaigns up and running in no time.

AppSumo Briefcase – This is a great offer for those who haven’t picked up many AppSumo deals in the past, and who could use a whole briefcase full of great tools at a very low monthly cost. There are currently over 35 great tools that you could have instant access to if you snap up this deal.

Promo Republic

If you work with social media on behalf of clients, the Promo Republic is a tool that is going to make life a lot easier for you. With access to thousands of visuals and social media templates, as well as auto-posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you should really consider grabbing their Black Friday offer which is the annual PRO Plan for just $83/year – rather than the usual price of $29/month.

Content Studio

Another popular social media tool is that offered by, which allows you to grow your social media with their unique AI and data-driven content suite. If you manage social media for clients, then this could really take your productivity to a whole new level.

Email Octopus

Email Octopus, which is a great email marketing service, is offering a great Black Friday special, where you can send your Black Friday email campaigns for just $1. I’ve been using Email Octopus for a couple of years now, and it’s the only email marketing service that I would recommend 100%.

Convert Fox

If you are constantly connecting with people and clients, then you might want to take a closer look at Convert Fox – a suite of great products that are ideal for marketing, sales and contact with clients. They have a Black Friday deal on where you can pick up the Lifetime plan for just $49 !!


If you do SEO then you need to head over to Seotify and take a look at the great premium tools that they have available such as Word Assistant and Cognitive Intelligence. And if you use the coupon “blackfriday35” you will have a 35% discount off the monthly subscription.

The Lab

The Dream Team of Matt Diggity, Mark Luckenbaugh, Brian Willie, Dino Gomez, Dave Schneider And Mark Samms Of Ninja Outreach And Brendan Tully have combined to bring you the ultimate SEO course – The Lab. This private, exclusive mastermind and coaching experience will take your business up to the next level and you can get access with a huge $300 discount through to Cyber Monday.


The KWFinder is one of the most popular keyword tools out there, and the Mangools subscription covers super easy-to-use 4 SEO tools – Keyword research, Serp Analysis, Rank Tracking and Backlink Analysis. They have a 30% LIFETIME discount on all plans for Black Friday.


Sharing content is something lots of people do, and now there is a way that you can increase your own sales, traffic and leads. Using Replug, when you share other peoples content you can add your own call-to-action. It’s available on Black Friday at a huge discount.





If you are looking for beautifully designed WordPress themes, or various high quality plugins, then you need to check out what MyThemeShop have to offer. I’ve been using them for over a year now, and the quality of their themes is second to none. They are having a Black Friday offer where you can pick up any of their themes or plugins for just $19.

Theme Forest / Envato

For those who use WordPress for your websites, you may well already have been using a number of themes from ThemeForest/Envato. Well they are having their usual Cyber Monday deal where you can find hundreds of themes, as well as audio and video files and grab yourself a whooping 50% discount.


Another popular place to pick up some great looking premium WordPress themes is over at You can find a great choice of themes and take advantage of their Black Friday discounts. Use the coupon “BLACKFRIDAY” for 50% off, and “BFLIFE150” for $150 off their Lifetime option.

Template Monster

If you make websites, either for your own projects or for clients, then you will be well aware of – where you can find a huge selection of templates and themes for all platforms. They will releasing details of their Black Friday deals shortly, so keep an eye on their blog post for details.

CSS Ignite

If you regularly purchase WordPress themes and plugins then you should head over to and check out the beautiful themes that they have available, as well as their range of plugins. For Black Friday they are offering a 40% discount when you use the coupon “BF2017”.

Creative Tim

You won’t a better place to pick up some really great quality premium bookstrap templates and themes than Creative Tim. They have a load of beautifully designed UI and templates that you can use for your projects, and for Black Friday they have a huge 95% off bundle.

SerpShaker  (Plugin)

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that can help you create huge websites very quickly, then you need SerpShaker – a mass post plugin that can help build you WordPress sites with thousands of pages – great for local sites, affiliates and others. Use the coupon “ssblackfriday” and nab yourself a 30% discount.

OptinMonster ( Plugin )

One of the most popular WordPress plugins that can help you build your list is OptinMonster. There are a ton of other features such as helping reduce cart abandonment, increasing sales and page views and much more. Grab yourself a Black Friday discount of 25%.

Backup Buddy ( Plugin )

There’s nothing worse than losing all of your hard work due to a server issue or having your site hacked into. Making regular backups is vital, and BackupBuddy is one of the best WordPress plugins you can buy for making backups of your sites. They are offering a 50% discount off all Toolkit plans.

WPForms ( Plugin )

Most websites will have some type of contact form on them. With the excellent WPForms plugin you can easily start creating beautiful looking and functional forms for your websites. The drop and drag builder makes it so simple to use, that you can have a form created in no time at all. Use the coupon “BF2017” for a 25% discount.

GetSiteControl ( Plugin )

This is a really cool plugin that we use on this website, which allows you to add widgets such as lead capture forms, social sharing bars, live chat and much more to your websites. For the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend GetSiteControl are offering a 50% discount on all purchases when you use the coupon “BLACKFRIDAY50”.




PBN Butler

By now everyone should have heard of and their range of SEO and Social services. They offer great guest post and quality content, as well as press releases and social signals. They are running special offers for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use the coupons below to grab your discounts …

Black Friday Offers

20% OFF! – BLKFRI17-GP — 20% discount on guest posts
30% OFF! – BLKFRI17-PR — 30% discount on press releases
25% OFF! – BLKFRI17-PREMPR — 25% discount on premium press releases
40% OFF! – BLKFRI17-SIG — 40% discount on any social signals product
20% OFF! – BLKFRI17-PROCON — 20% discount on our professional content

Cyber Monday Offers

10% OFF! – CYMON17-GP – 10% discount on guest posts
20% OFF! – CYMON17-PR – 20% discount on press releases
15% OFF! – CYMON17-PREMPR – 15% discount on premium press releases
20% OFF! – CYMON17-SIG – 20% discount on any social signals product
10% OFF! – CYMON17-PROCON – 20% discount on our professional content


You can find a huge range of SEO services and others over at They offer everything from backlinks, video creation, web design, citations, press releases, social media and much more. For Black Friday, use the coupon “BFRIDAY” and get 50% off all services.

Serp Focus

One of the best sources for high quality SEO services such as high quality backlinks, great content, social syndication networks and lead generation sites can all be found over at Serp Focus. And for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend, you can get a huge 40% discount by using the coupon “SuperSaleWeekend40OFF”.


Proper keyword research is a vital part of any SEO and website building process. Without it, you are running blind. The guys over at are offering a 25% discount off their custom keyword research service when you use the coupon “misterf”.

Serp Champion

If you are looking for quality aged domain names, as well as other SEO services such as guest posting, PBN setup and others, then head over to Serp Champion and check out their range of services. For Black Friday & Cyber Monday they are offering 15% of all services apart from guests posts, which will have a 10% discount.

Project Nucleus SEO

For a huge range of top notch SEO services including Google Property Stacks, link building, high DA links and loads of other great stuff, you need to check out Project Nucleus SEO. They have some great Black Friday discounts and you can make some very good savings if you picks up some of their services.

Human Proof Designs

If you want a complete solution for building an SEO driven affiliate empire, then you have to visit Human Proof Designs. They’re offering a site-wide 10% discount on all of their products and services for Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, PLUS the first 30 buyers of a done-for-you affiliate site will get an SEO package for FREE.

Web 2.0 Ranker

Whatever type of SEO service you are looking for, you can be sure you’ll find it over at Web 2.0 Ranker. They have a ton of top quality SEO services ranging from backlinks, niche placements, press releases and a range of GMB solutions. You can also use their very popular white label SEO program. Save 33% across the site using the coupon “GoBig”, which is valid through to Cyber Monday.

Relentless Network

One of the more popular link services you can find online are offered by Relentless Network, where you can grab yourself some very powerful backlinks on pages with high DA and TF and other metrics. For Black Friday if you use the coupon “BLACKFRIDAY” you can get a 35% discount, so you can pick up some great links for less than $10 each!


If you are looking for a range of different high quality SEO services then you need to go and check out what’s happening over at SEOlutions. They have a Black Friday special running where you can grab a 40% discount of all services.




Name Cheap ( Domains + Hosting ) and Black Friday go hand in hand, and as usual, they will be running their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which are a great mix of huge discounts for domain names, SSL certificates, web hosting and other stuff. The deals usually take place on the hour, so if there is one that you are interested in, make sure you try and grab it as soon as the deal starts, and sometimes, these can be over within minutes.

WPEngine ( Hosting )

If you run WordPress websites then you might want to check out the hosting services being offered by WPEngine – one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting solutions on the market today. Use the coupon “CYBERWPE35” for 35% off your first payment.

Host Media

There is a great Black Friday offered currently available over at Host Media, where you can grab yourself a range of cloud hosting solutions and by using the coupon “BLACK2017” – you can take a whopping 75% off your order. The great thing with this offer is that it will run for 2 weeks, so you don’t have to purchase it over the next day or so.


The guys over at Dynadot are running a selection of Black Friday discounts for various domains over the weekend. You can pick up some of the newer domain extensions such as .store, .press and .host for just a few $$. The sale runs through to Cyber Monday.




The Digital Swarm

If you are looking for top quality content websites, then check out the services offered by Digital Swarm. You can use the promo code “BlackFriday” and take $150 off a local optimized site. These websites are very well designed and are great to offer your local clients.