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A lot of emphasis lately has been placed on the importance of social signals – such as Facebook likes and shares, Tweets and +1’s. If you have a good site with a lot of interesting and unique content, then you should be getting these kind of social signals naturally from your site visitors. The more they enjoy the content on your website, the more likely they are to share.

However, one problem that many people face is that they can’t seem to generate enough natural social signals from there websites. Having a website that has just 3 likes and 1 tweet is kind of off-putting for some visitors, and makes your website appear to be one that is not interesting or useful. If you fall into this category, then don’t worry – there is a great FREE service that you can sign up to get real social signals to your site from real people.

Before I go into more detail about this, I would just like to point out that there are a number of paid services out there that offer an excellent service where you can buy Facebook likes and shares or Twitter tweets, and many of these provide a fantastic service. However, these services cost, and though the amounts might me small – over time it does add up.

The service that I want to talk about offers a FREE membership – where you can get social signals at no costs at all. All you need to do is to like, share, twitt about other peoples websites and earn credits to use for signals to your own website.

Before we continue, you should head over to and open a free account. It only takes a minute and once you have registered you can start earning credits right away. - Sign up Today !!I’ve been using my Free account with FollowLike for a couple of months now, and have been impressed with how easy it is to use. There are a ton of different social signals that you can get such Facebook likes and Shares, Twitter tweets and followers, Pinterest Pins, YouTube views and subscribers, as well as loads more. Whatever type of social signals you are after, then FollowLike will have what you need.

The great thing is that in order to earn credits, you don’t need to use the same social media accounts for what you want to earn. For example, I use a Twitter account to earn credits by following and retweeting posts, and with the credits I earn, I use them to get Facebook likes and shares. So even if you have only 1 or 2 social media accounts, you can use these and still earn credits for whatever signals you want for your own sites.

Another bonus is that each day you can collect 100 free credits simply by earning about 10 credits before hand. So if you pop onto the site everyday and spend 10 minutes earning credits and setting up your own requests for signals, then you can easily earn a good few hundred credits to use for the day. If you spend a little longer, then it is not difficult to earn at least 1000 credits each day to use for your own signals.

If you are someone who doesn’t have much time and would prefer to purchase signals, then this is also an option. There are a number of paid subscriptions that you can sign up for which will give you a lot more benefits and features than the free account. However, if you are willing to spend 10 minutes a day organising your signal requests and earning credits, then the free account will be sufficient for your needs.

One small word of warning – in order to earn credits you need to post and share sites on your social media accounts. If you don’t suddenly want all your friends to ask why you keep posting about any and everything – then you might want to consider creating an additional Facebook or Twitter account to use when earning your credits.

Overall, FollowLike provide an excellent service and it is a free, quick and very easy to generate real social signals to your websites. Sign up today for a free account and get started.