Fresh Store Builder V7

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, then you must have seen the 7th release of Fresh Store Builder ( FSB ) – something that I have been using FSB for several years now and personally believe to be the best Amazon store maker you will find anywhere.

amazon-affiliate-fresh-store-builder-v7With FSB, not only can your quickly and easily build a fully functional store, but it is also totally customisable meaning you can build the exact website you want. There are loads of great features and you can really customize most aspects of it. If you like to get your fingers a little dirty in code and CSS, then you can really do wonders with it.

Check out the Great Features of FSB.V7

This is the 7th version of Fresh Store Builder !! How many other pieces of software or tools do have know of that are constantly being upgraded and improved. Carey Baird – the developer of FSB – has done an amazing job with this, and with each new release, the system just keeps getting better and better. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if version 8 hits the market before the year is out – such is the great job that the developers do with it.

Some of the new features of version 7 include …

  • Auto-populate: don’t want to find your products manually? No problem – just pick a category and let FSB fill your shelves for you
  • 90-day cookie shopping cart: guaranteed to maximise your commissions and because the cart is built in to your store site, your customers are kept on your site until they’ve really filled their boots
  • Customisable related products: pick and choose which products to cross-sell to make sure your commission cheques are fatter than ever
  • Extended smart search: the search feature automatically shows products from Amazon that match your search term, even if you haven’t added them
    to your store. You’ll never miss out on commissions
  • Facebook and Pinterest integration: tap into the biggest traffic sources out there with unique content and offers posted automatically
  • Mobile responsive templates: every template is responsive, so your stores will look amazing on every device

The best part of all of this is that you can have your own Amazon affiliate stores up and running in less than 30 minutes. Even if you are someone who thinks they have no technical skills or ability at all – don’t worry as FSB was made to be as easy to use as possible.

As I said earlier, I’ve been using Fresh Store Builder for a number of years and I have a number of very high ranking Amazon affiliate stores running in a variety of niches. I have tried a couple of Amazon store building systems, but none compare to what FSB does.  Whether you are a seasoned pro in Amazon affiliate marketing, or are a newcomer to the scene, FSB will be everything you will need.

If I had to leave an honest review of Fresh Store Builder – then I can say without doubt, it is easily the best Amazon affiliate store builder you will find anywhere. When I first started using it several years ago, it didn’t take long at all to understand how it all worked, and what the processes were for getting stores set up and running. And other the past few years, each update brings along a great set of additional features as well as making it a lot easier and quicker to use.

Grab your copy of Fresh Store Builder V7 Today !!