Hidden Backlink Method

Everyone knows the importance of quality and relevant backlinks when doing SEO on your own or your clients websites. However, finding relevant websites that will give you a backlink are not so easy to find.

BacklinksOne popular method is via “Blog Comments”. Leaving comments on blogs has been part of the SEO world for many years, though it is often seen by many as a spammy way of obtaining backlinks. Sure you can use automated software that you can set up to create hundreds and thousands of backlinks or find a Fiverr gig that will do this for you, but creating blog comments like this is a sure-fire way to cause problems.

The best way is to find niche relevant blogs and then leave useful and practical comments on those. However, in my cases, even if you leave a very well written and constructive comment and include a link to your site, the author may either remove the backlink or simply not approve your comment. So how do you obtain relevant backlinks from such blogs ??

The answer is amazingly simply. If you are a member of some of the most popular SEO and PBN groups on Facebook, then the chances are you have heard of Yashar Ghaffarloo – one of the smartest SEO’s who always goes out of his way to help others. Well he has come up with a brilliant way to get such backlinks that should really help you get a better approval rate for the comments you leave.

Head on over to Yashar’s brand new SEO blog ( this link now shows the page on Archive.org as the website is no longer active ) and find out the technique for yourself. It’s so simply and clever, you’ll be wondering how you have never thought of doing this before !! And while you are over there, subscribe to the site, so you can keep updated with new posts like the one for the “Hidden Backlink Method”.