Irratating Twitter Followers and how to deal with them

As a small business owner looking to promote your Twitter account, you should be proactive in locating followers. This means you must follow people yourself to enable you to both communicate with them and hope they follow you back.

Sadly, it’s not unusual to find that lots of of the people on Twitter are intolerable. The net is a worldwide meeting place, even though you can meet some quite interesting people, you may also follow those that you’d otherwise dismiss in the real world.

As a business these followers continue to be useful, but you ought to be prepared for what types of tweets you’ll read. Below is a introduction to some of the more annoying types of Tweeters.

Tweeter 1: The Stream of Conscious
Possibly no Tweeter is as annoying as the one that shares every thought they have, regardless of how nonsensical or inconsequential to the day’s events. You’ll usually see a string of 10 or more tweets all from within 1 or 2 minutes where the person shares each and every possible thought or emotion they have, often with no reason or trigger. This type of thought spam makes it hard to run your Twitter account as you filter through it for more related, interesting posts.

Tweeter 2: The Breaking News Followers
For reasons uknown, people on social networks like to be the very first person they know to break news. So whenever a big story comes out, there is often a flood of Tweeters sharing this news with their followers – sometimes hours or days following the event.

Tweeter 3: The First Graders
On Twitter, you’ll usually see that people revert to a time when they couldn’t know how to spell or capitalize or use correct grammar. Many people write extremely messy and unintelligible phrases, using slang, acronyms, and often slang acronyms without intervals or capitals. To call it chaos would be a severe understatement.

Tweeter 4: The Retweeter
Retweeters are the ones that rarely make posts of their own, but instead regularly retweet the posts of others. Often they are romance quotes, but they could be any kind of post the person finds interesting. While these folks may seem advantageous to your business, the fact is that most of their followers likely started overlooking them out long ago.

Tweeter 5: The Justin Biebers of Twitter
There is a level of praise for Justin Bieber on Twitter that is incredibly unhealthy, and if you do not pick your followers wisely, there is a very good chance you’ll get a few of these “Beliebers” on your followers list. They dominate Twitter’s youth and spam tweets continuously. Imagine the stream of conscious tweeter as a 14 year old girl with a Bieber infatuation – it’s not pretty.

These are merely a few of the tweeters you may experience as you try to promote your business on Twitter. There are many more that may rub you the wrong way, but you’ll find some tweeters that are fascinating, informative, funny or otherwise fun, and depending on your business, you may want to target the individuals specifically, since they’re far less irritating to have interaction with.