Keyword Supremacy

Keyword research is one of the most important things you can do when you make a new website. Without it, how are you going to know which keywords to target and which to avoid ??

keyword-supremacyIf you don’t do proper research, then there is a high chance that your website will not rank so well.

There are a number of keyword tools available and over the past couple of months, it feels like a ton of them have been released week after week.

Well another one has just be released today ( 13th October ) and is called Keyword Supremacy.

It’s been developed by the guys behind a product that I have been raving about for a few months now – Project Supremacy.

Herc and Todd have built a truly unique and very powerful keyword tool that is better than anything else currently available.

Check out all the features of Keyword Supremacy

Keyword Research ….

Ever since Google started hiding keyword stats from us a month back, there has been a scramble to find the best alternative way to carry out your keyword research.

With Keyword Supremacy, you have the perfect tool that is going to help you and provide …

  • Affiliate keyword research
  • Adsense keyword research
  • Local keyword research
  • Amazon, eBay and eCom keyword research

Keyword Supremacy will provide you with all types of keyword research, including local keyword research – something that no other tool currently offers.

This is a really powerful tool and one that is going to help you pinpoint the specific keywords that you need to be targeting for your website. In addition, it will also provide you with a bunch of metrics that can really help you target the highly profitable and easy to achieve keywords.

This includes Local and Global monthly searches, Adsense competition, CPC, Top 10 data analysis for each keyword and Domain name availability. With this data, you really get hone your website into targeting powerful and extremely profitable keywords which has little competition.

Build income generating Adsense websites

Herc actually shows you how he was able to build a website using “non-buyer” keywords, and not only got it ranking well, but has also made over $27,000 through Google Adsense with the site. He shares the research tactics used to do this with you, so you can also start creating websites that can earn a nice regular income with either Adsense, affiliate marketing or whatever else you prefer to use.

If you thought made for Adsense websites were a thing of the past, then this is certainly going to change your perception. With the data you can generate with Keyword Supremacy, you will be in a prime position to create websites that are going to earn you money – that’s without a doubt !!

I shouldn’t really need to go on too much about the importance of keyword research. It is vital that you do this properly, and Keyword Supremacy is going to be the only tool you will need.

Having been using Project Supremacy for around 6 months now, and seeing the constant updates that are being released almost on a daily basis by Herc and Tood, I have no doubts whatsoever that they are going to provide the same dedication to Keyword Supremacy. When you purchase this, you are buying the best keyword tool on the market, and one that is going to be continuously maintained and updated by the developers for a long time to come.

Pick up your copy of Keyword Supremacy today …