Off-Page Optimization for SEO

Each search engine has its own criteria to determine that which websites meet their requirements. When we talk about ranking in Google there are following two major factors. These are On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

Off-page optimization is the search engine optimization technique that is applied to “off page”. It consists of using the keywords as anchor text and getting links to your website.

There is a variety of ways of getting links backs to your website including directory submissions, articles writing and submissions, three-way links, one-way links, forums postings, blogging, press releases, social networking and reciprocal links.

Search engines frequently updated their algorithms and you need to keep yourself up-to-dated with the latest search engine patents, guidelines and techniques used by the search engines to rank the websites. The off-page optimization is the most important factor of website ranking in Google.

Google put a lot of emphasis on the off-page optimization and consider it one of the major factors in website ranking. If you properly plan your off-page optimization, you can rank well in Google and other search engines.

The off-page optimization is primarily tied with the link popularity and each back link to your website is considered as a vote in your site’s popularity. Search engines consider many factors in evaluating the off-page optimization.

  • How many websites are linking to your websites? The back links from the relevant websites are considered a plus for your website.
  • Which websites are linking to your website? It is necessary the sites linking to you are relevant to the contents on your websites and these sites are considered authority sites.
  • What anchor text you are using while linking back to your website. You should use your targeted keyword in the anchor text and the anchor text should not be same in every website linking to your site.
  • How many inbound and outbound links are there on the websites linking to your website?
  • What’s the PR of the web page linking to your website?
  • How much relevant is the website linking back to your website.

You need to evaluate and understand these factors both in on-page optimization and off-page optimization in order to get high ranking in the search engines.