Social Bookmarking for SEO

Social bookmarking is a web technology that is used to store, organize and share the bookmarks of the websites. Social Bookmarking has become very popular recently. The bookmarked websites can be held private or shared publicly. You can share your favorite links with your friends, colleagues or family members.

The people can view the bookmarks by category, tags or a search engine. There are many social bookmarking services available like and Today, a large number of communication and information networks are benefiting from these services.

These services offer tools to submit your website in different social bookmarking websites like,,,,,,,, and many other websites. The social bookmarking provides you the following three major benefits.

  • It provides you the quick traffic.
  • It helps your website to be crawled by Google.
  • It provides one-way back links to your website.

There are hundreds of social bookmarking websites and you can submit every interesting story or article page of your website.

If your story, news or article is interesting, you will get hundreds of visitors in a single day. The online businesses see potential in the social bookmarking in promoting their products and services.

You can also use the social bookmarking plugins on your website to allow your visitors to bookmark your web pages. You can find a social bookmarking plugin from

Get started with social bookmarking is very simply. You have to sign up with the popular social bookmarking websites as mentioned above.

After creating your account, submit your URL, provide unique tags and provide title and short description of your link. To get most of social bookmarking websites, make sure that you are actively participating in these sites. You need to submit every interested web page of your website.