Why Video Marketing Needs To Be A Part Of Your Strategy In 2016

If you are like the majority of business owners, managers and marketing team members, the approach of the new year is often a time for reflection and research to determine the overall, arching goal for the upcoming year and the steps for achieving it.

Video Marketing 2016While you probably have invested in a well-designed website, an attractive, authoritative blog and a social media presence, the upcoming year brings changes that will not allow you and your team to rest on your laurels. In fact, the ever changing landscape of how business is conducted and promoted online is one of the reasons that people enjoy working in this field.

Implementing the use of videos as a part of your marketing strategy is crucial. When done properly, it can provide quite the return on investment or ROI. Videos help to establish a positive brand image in the mind of the viewer. If the format and other aspects of the video are right for the target audience, the viewer may even develop an emotional connection with the material.

This bond increases brand loyalty, starting at a subliminal level. When the public can laugh, sympathize, gain understanding or otherwise walk away feeling or thinking that their lives have been enhanced, they are more likely to return. Videos build this type of business-consumer bond faster and more effectively than any other means at your disposal.

You will keep visitors on your pages longer if you have high-quality, engaging video content that resonates with your viewers. You can also link to these through your social media accounts to remind subscribers what they love about your brand. The rates of conversions and click-throughs rise significantly when people watch videos.

You need to consider many things before you begin shooting video footage for your company. For instance, what is your target demographic? What are the secondary demographics that differ significantly enough that the promotions should consider them? You must understand your customers in order to have an effective marketing strategy. If you are experiencing success with your current efforts, then you should have little difficulty incorporating these consumers into your online strategies.

There also has to be a reason behind producing the video. You may want to introduce a new product or service that you are offering. You could use video to create tutorials for your products or even if you want to become an expert in your market. You could also use a video on your landing page to increase conversions. This is a great way to let prospective customers see your new product in action.

Video Marketing SEOVideo is also a great way to get feedback from your target audience. As your video gets more views, it will hopefully get comments from viewers sharing their opinion on the content. If you aren’t getting any feedback, this may be a clear indication that you need to change your content strategy to make it more engaging.

Depending on the type of content you will be sharing, it could be worth the expense to hire professionals to record your videos and edit them. Consumers recognize poor quality and may believe that your products and services are substandard if your videos are.

You should be sure to have a branded YouTube or Vimeo Channel and promote your videos on your website with an embed link. When uploading your video to YouTube, be sure to optimize it properly by using video titles, descriptions and tags properly. Promote your videos on all of your social networks.

By adding video into your marketing strategy for 2016, you should see your rankings increase, see a boost in your domain authority and see an increase in your conversions. Video marketing in 2016 is no longer a choice but an absolute necessity if you want to keep up with your market.

Jonathan Leger has been a successful Internet Marketer for over 11 years.
He owns an SEO Tools suite at KeywordCanine.com.