Local Online Magnetism

cover-magnetismHow to Effectively Captivate your offline Customers Online for Maximum Results

This book will guide you through various steps of how to best gain the attention of your customers by social media, review sites and bloggers.

A 16 page, 3900 word E-Book that steps you through the process of realizing the resources that you have at your disposal, and to properly use them to ensure that you have at least some control over your online brand.… Read the rest

Marketing on Facebook

cover-facebook-marketingThe complete local business owners guide to marketing on Facebook

This book will take local business owners on a tour of how best to use the power of Facebook for their online marketing efforts.

This 18 page, 4900 word E-Book will show you a number of different marketing methods that you can apply on Facebook and help you better understand how to market your business on social media.… Read the rest

Navigating Google Maps

cover-google-mapsLocal Business owners guide to working with Google Maps

This book will help local business owners understand how to use and work with Google maps. They will discover how to establish online credibility for their brands, as well as gaining a competitive advantage.

This 15 page, 3200 word E-Book steps you through some of the key important factors that you should be aware of when it comes to using Google Maps.… Read the rest