$1 Domain transfers at Rebel.com

If you are someone who manages a large number of domain names then you will know the feeling when renewal time comes around and you need to pay out quite a lot of money to renew your domains.

rebel-domain-transfersWell for a limited time only, you can transfer your domains to Rebel.com for just $1 each !! There is a $0.20 Icann fee making the total $1.20 – but this is a huge discount compared to the normal price of renewing your domains at your current registrar. If you have domains at Godaddy, then the renewal prices can reach up to $14.99 for a single .com renewal.

With this special deal from Rebel.com you can transfer up to 20 .com, .net, .org or .ca domain names. So for just $24.00 you can transfer 20 domains and extend their registration for another 12 months. If you were going to renew 20 domains at your current registrar, then you would certainly be paying well over $200 for this.

I’ve transferred 20 of my own domains, and the process went through very smoothly. I was actually impressed with the control panel for clients at Rebel.com with the checkout process being an unusually nice experience – compared to checking out at Godaddy where you can have to go through page upon page of upsale that you most likely have no interest in.

For more details about this offer – head over to https://www.rebel.com/DomainTransfer.aspx

Update: 20th November
The $1 transfer ended a few weeks back, but they have now launched another transfer deal, where you can transfer domains to your account at Rebel.com for just $3.99 + Icann fee. This is still a pretty good saving if you have a bunch of domains that need renewing soon !!